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Elk Hill turns 50

Thanks to YOU!

In September 1970, a handful of passionate staff began working with eight boys on the 300-acre Elk Hill campus in Goochland. Since then, we’ve evolved and adapted to meet the changing needs of our community’s youth. Elk Hill now offers specialized education, community-based services and residential treatment programs to 700 youth across Virginia. 

We understand what works

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Comprehensive Services



With this patient, intensive approach, we’ve seen generations of children rise from challenging circumstances to grow and blossom.

Happy Children

Virginia's Children Need You!

Every year, the number of children in need of services grows, while state and local funds remain stagnant or shrinks. Elk Hill’s ability to serve all children is under pressure. Restricting access to services has become a cost-savings measure in managed care, which means children are being denied help. We have an ever-increasing need for more licensed and high-quality staff, and a growing demand for more clinical and evidence-based models of treatment. 

Your investment today allows Elk Hill to create a fund that ensures we can continue to help families transform overwhelming challenges into successful

futures — even 50 years from now.  

Your Gift Today Ensures: 


A continued commitment to the highest-quality care. With donor support, our staff, clinicians, and educators are able to go above and beyond to provide exceptional care, resources and services.


 Our ongoing readiness and flexibility. Today’s youth face challenges we never could have imagined in 1970. To maximize our impact, Elk Hill must continue to adapt to the changing needs of the communities we serve. 


That every child feels special. In a child’s life, small efforts result in significant progress. Private donations allow us to invest in specialized programs, such as literacy intervention, agricultural and culinary workforce programs, music, summer camps and more. 


 Our ability to stick with a child for as long as it takes. We provide services to the children who need us, regardless of whether public funding is available. With donor support, our staff, clinicians, and educators are able to go above and beyond to provide exceptional care.

Honor Our Past and Secure

Our Future 


Grow our mission through your connections. As our founder, Buford Scott, used to say, “If you know something good, tell someone, because people want to be part of something good.” 


Each and every gift we receive matters! And we make it simple to give online or by mail. 


Be a champion for our campaign. Attend events, host a house party, or invite us to speak with your civic organization, association, club or friends.‍

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