About Us

Elk Hill's mission is to make a lasting difference in young lives. Each year, our comprehensive services help over 500 young people ages 4-21 discover the skills and courage they need to make positive changes.

How we work

We meet each child where his or her needs are with a flexible blend of emotional, behavioral, and educational supports. The goal? Keeping them in their schools, with their families, and on track for the future. Here’s how it works:

Early Intervention

We reach kids early with community-based therapy and mentoring in their homes and schools. Summer camps tie in to provide a year-round continuum of care.

Comprehensive Support

When kids need more hands-on support, we provide care and learning in specialized schools and residential services. Our goal is not to get children into these programs, but to help them transition out – and continue making progress when they do.

Sustainable Skills

Our programs emphasize skills needed for long-term success in school and in life. That means targeted enrichment in two high-impact areas: reading intervention and workforce development.

Where we work

We serve children all over Central Virginia and sometimes beyond. Our three regional service hubs are in Richmond, Goochland, and Charlottesville. That makes us unique in serving both urban population centers and underserved rural areas.


Did you know?

Our community has an urgent unmet need for these services. 14% of Virginia’s children have behavioral or mental health needs. Two thirds of children fail to receive the services they need. Currently, over 200,000 Virginia children are waiting for treatment. Mental health crises are the second leading cause of hospitalization in kids, right behind respiratory problems like asthma.