Accountability and transparency matter. We invite you to get to know our finances below.

Fiscal Snapshot


90% of our expenses provide direct care services to children and families. Management accounts for around 7% and fundraising for 3%.


Elk Hill has been operating for over four decades. Our $5.5 million endowment, the Elk Hill Foundation, is designed to make sure we continue long into the future. 5% of its net assets are contributed to our operations annually. We do not have any debt.


We maintain a balance of revenues between Residential, Schools and Community Services programs. Our revenues come from a blend of private donations, local government, and Medicaid. In a volatile social services market, this diversity reduces risk.


Over the last four years, our operating revenue has grown by 66% to over $9 million. Much of this growth comes from rapid expansion in our Community Services and the Charlottesville region. In that same time, our cash position has improved by 60%, mainly thanks to generous support for the Elk Hill 20/20 campaign to raise $7 million in private donations to keep up with this expansion of services.

Annual Reports

Audited Financial Statements

Elk Hill, Inc. and the Elk Hill Foundation


Elk Hill, Inc. 

Elk Hill Foundation



NOTE: Our fiscal year runs from July 1 – June 30.