Mission and Values

We believe that with love and the right tools, every child can build a successful future.


Elk Hill enables children and families to transform overwhelming challenges into successful futures.

Through specialized education, community based services and residential treatment programs, children and families can discover the academic, vocational, behavioral, and relationship skills they need to be successful.

Core Values

We build our programs around five core values:

  • Having RESPECT for yourself and others
  • Taking RESPONSIBILITY for your actions
  • Believing in the power of HARD WORK
  • Finding the COURAGE to face difficult situations in alignment with your beliefs and values

Core Competencies

We work from and return to our strengths:

  •  Creating a culture of commitment, caring, and compassion
  •  Dedicating ourselves to child-centered solutions that create lasting positive outcomes
  •  Staying flexible and adaptive to the evolving needs of children, families and communities

Guiding Principles

We keep these beliefs at the heart of our daily work:


  • Integrity is the most important part of character.
  • Integrity means always acting in alignment with our mission, principles, and values.
  • By acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them, we can constantly improve.


  • Relationships are the cornerstone of everything we do.
  • Relationships are based on common core values.
  • Building and nurturing positive relationships advances our mission.


  • Service to those less fortunate is our first priority.
  • The lives of those we serve are enriched.
  • Service to others makes our community and the world a better place.
  • We serve the personal, professional, and spiritual growth of each and every person in the Elk Hill family.


  • Bringing positive, optimistic attitudes to our work inspires others to do the same.
  • Our passion has a positive impact on everyone we serve.
  • Our passion truly exemplifies the joy in what we do.