Michael Farley

Elk Hill stands out from the pack for the long-term commitment of our senior staff – not only to our organization, but to service and leadership in the communities we call home.

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Michael Farley has been with Elk Hill for 39 of its 49 years. After returning from serving with the Peace Corps in Kenya Africa, Michael joined the Elk Hill team as a counselor. He then went on to serve as the Director of Programs, becoming Executive Director in 1999 and Chief Executive Officer in 2012. Michael has received three gubernatorial appointments and has been twice elected president of the Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Educational Facilities (VAISEF) and the Virginia Coalition of Private Provider Associations (VCOPPA). In 2014, VAISEF created the Michael Farley Excellence in Leadership Award in Michael’s honor to recognize individuals that have shown exceptional leadership in their service to the association.

Under Michael’s leadership, Elk Hill has more than tripled in the number of children served and staff employed, expanded into a new service areas – stretching from York county to the city of Staunton – and developed early intervention programs to reach more children at the critical moment when it can make the biggest difference in their lives – sooner, stronger, healthier.

Michael has also continued his work in Makindu Kenya, where he served in the Peace Corps. Michael has led and organized 11 Proper Walk’s to raise awareness of the orphans left in the wake of HIV/AIDS pandemic in sub-Sahara Africa and to raise funds for the Makindu Children’s Program, which serves over 500 orphans. Michael has walked 1700 miles in the Great Rift Valley and has raised $860,000 for the children in Makindu.


Michael Farley proper walk