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Community Based Services 

Every child deserves to grow up closely connected to

family, friends, and supportive adults.

Whenever possible, we bring mental and behavioral health services to children

in their own homes and schools rather than bringing children to us.

It’s less disruptive, delivers better outcomes for the child, improves

quality of life for families, enhances learning environments in

public schools, and is more cost-effective for us.  


Mentoring: Ages 4-21
TDT: Ages 4-12
Outpatient Therapy: 6 & older
Home Based Services: Ages 4-12


Ages 4-21

Therapeutic Day Treatment

Ages 4-19

Outpatient Therapy

Ages 6 & older

Home Based Services

Ages 4-12

Supervised Visitation 

Our supervised visitation offers a safe and structured environment that supports parents/caregivers in developing their strengths with their children. We offer outdoor play areas with gardens, as well as indoor recreation space, all while providing structured options that help parents facilitate positive interactions with their children. Services may be requested by agencies or private individuals. 

Visit Coaching 

Visit coaching provides a more hands-on approach to traditional supervised visitation. A certified Visit Coach providing pre-visit coaching, coaching during the visit, and post-visit de-briefing. This directive approach focuses on caregivers meeting the attachment and developmental needs of the child while building on

the caregivers strengths. Visit coaching emphasizes a non-judgmental approach and visits that more

closely reflect typical life situations. 

Parent Coaching 

Parent coaching promotes the development of healthy, effective parenting skills and family management through education, role-modeling, practice, and support. Parent coaches work with parents/caregivers to identify specific goals and how to meet them, including encouraging and reinforcing positive behavior, creating appropriate expectations, consistently implementing consequences, and developing healthy

family routines. 

Summer Camps and Outdoor Programs 

Elk Hill's Summer Camps are an opportunity for "kids to be kids" through play and enriching activities. While academic readiness remains a core function of the four-week program, children also experience day-trips, swimming, crafting and mindfulness exercises. Our offerings are designed to engage children so that when the school year begins they are able to seamlessly transition back into the routines that help them continue in their behavioral and academic growth.  

For more information about our Community Based Services
please reach out 
to one of our Regional Coordinators.

Pencil and notepad

Heather Lewis, LPC 

Director of Community Services  (804) 510-4240

**Due to the number and complexity of services, we ask that you please have an initial conversation with the regional coordinator for your area. 

Pencil and notepad

Elizabeth Knotts, QMHP-C
and Certified Ecotherapist

Prevention Services Coordinator

Services include: mentoring (Richmond/Staunton), supervised visitation, parent/visit coaching, and therapeutic eco-adventure program. (434) 987-7882 

Serving children from the city of Charlottesville, Albermarle, and beyond.

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