Residential Services

Elk Hill's roots are in residential services. We've been providing teens with safe, supportive spaces to live, heal, and grow for over four decades.

Why Residential Services?

Comprehensive Support

Helping teens build the skills and confidence to thrive in their communities.

Sometimes teens need intensive resources to make a turnaround. Our residential services can provide the window of full-time, hands-on support they need to return their homes, schools, and communities equipped for success.

Successful Transitions

The goal isn’t to bring young people into these programs, but to help them transition out — and continue making progress once they do.

We begin discharge planning from the time of admission. Independent Living Skills assessments ensure youth are well-prepared for life after Elk Hill.

Education and Skill Building

We offer a full range of flexible education, skill-building, and recreational options.

Youth can choose between local public schools, Elk Hill alternative schools, or vocational, GED, or community college tracks. Our Five Phase system teaches teens to apply personal accountability, behavioral consistency and problem solving skills in day-to-day situations. Employment, community service, volunteer and healthy recreational options encourage personal discovery and development.

Quality Care

We keep youth connected to top-notch clinical and community resources.

  • CANS-certified staff are committed to planning care that builds on clients’ strengths and responds to their needs to measurably improve outcomes.
  • Affiliations with support groups such as AA, NA, Al-Anon, and ROSMY
  • Meets Medicaid Level A Group Home Programming
  • Weekly individual therapy provided by Licensed Mental Health Provider
  • Psycho-educational groups daily
  • On site psychiatric services provided by Virginia South Psychiatric & Family Services
  • Specialized clinical services and assessments provided to include family therapy, substance abuse, independent living, etc.
  • Outpatient therapy and other clinical services available upon discharge