Elk Hill schools look a lot like schools anywhere. It's what goes on inside that makes them special.

What makes us different?

Supporting the Whole Student

We understand that children aren’t going to succeed academically until they’re succeeding emotionally, behaviorally, and socially too.

Our schools break down the walls between teaching and counseling. A staff balanced between mental health professionals and experienced educators provides a full court press to address multiple challenges that would otherwise feed on one another to prevent success.

Individualized Instruction

Small size makes a big difference.

With between 20 and 40 children per school and no more than eight children in a classroom, we tailor highly individualized support to meet children exactly where their needs are.

Sustainable Skills

We offer targeted support in two high-impact areas: reading intervention and career training.

Masters-level reading specialists provide one-on-one reading intervention for students reading 2+ grade levels behind. Career training and a new job placement specialist help students connect academic concepts to real-world skills and equip them with the tools and experience to find and keep meaningful employment once they leave Elk Hill.

Student-Driven Success

Our schools are student-centered learning communities.

Students work together to drive the success of the group through weekly peer feedback groups, community meetings, and group challenges. As students demonstrate academic and behavioral growth by completing activities to benefit the group, they move up through a Phase System to earn more privileges and responsibilities, from Student Council to paid campus jobs to field trips and volunteer service.

Did you know?

Elk Hill now offers an Elementary program, for children K-5, at both our Staunton Day School and our Charlottesville Day School.