What makes us different? 

Elk Hill's Integrated

Approach to Education







Behavior Management

  • Low Student/Staff Ratios  

  • Positive Behavior Supports 

  •  Trauma Informed  

  •  Behavior Support Planning  

  • Therapeutic Day Treatment  

  • MANDT System of Interventions  

  • Social Skills Training 

Our Schools 

Staunton School

Grades K-12

Harambee School

Grades 7-12

Charlottesville School: Grades K-12
Harambee (Goochland) School: Grades 7-12
Staunton School: Grades K-12
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Meet Our Heads of School

Dawn Gillette, M.Ed.

Head of Charlottesville School 


Phone: (434) 220-7198 ext. 104
Fax: (434) 220-7113

1819 Emmet St N.

Charlottesville, VA 22901

Chuck Longerbeam, M.Ed. 

Head of Staunton School 

Shawn Freeman, M.Ed.

Head of Harambee School at Elk Hill 


Phone: (804) 457-4866 ext. 316

Fax: (804) 457-2830

1976 Elk Hill Rd

Goochland, VA 23063

To learn more about admissions reach out to one of our

Heads of School.

Charlottesville School: Grades K-12

-An Elementary program serving up to 15 children K-6. -Partners with the C'ville Albemarle Technical Center and MIMA Music to provide students with vocational and artistic opportunities. -Partners with local businesses and entrepreneurs for students to explore local commerce and workforce opportunities. -A robust Environmental Science Program complemented by our school garden and indoor grow tower. -STEM instruction. -A reading program that provides individualized intervention services.