Jenna has hope for a brighter future!April 4, 2017

Jenna is stronger because of you!

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For Jenna, childhood ended early.

The daughter of a single parent with a very low I.Q., at age 5 Jenna was already the closest thing to an adult on the property.But she was still a little girl, a little girl who was defenseless against the sexual abuse that took place in her home, the place where she was supposed to be safe.

Is it any wonder that she acted out at school? She fought with other kids; she argued with teachers. She had no idea of how to behave; she had basic hygiene issues. As a kindergartener, she was referred to Elk Hill’s Therapeutic Day Treatment Program. That summer, she was referred to Elk Hill’s Therapeutic Summer Camp program.

And when she started the first grade, it was in an Elk Hill elementary school classroom. There, finally, she was wrapped in a blanket of support services – just about every program Elk Hill offers.

The Elk Hill elementary program offers extremely small class sizes. That’s essential for children like Jenna, who have behavioral issues. Elk Hill’s reading intervention program makes sure kids don’t go through life hampered by illiteracy.

Through Elk Hill, Jenna also receives one-on-one mentoring. Her classroom behavioral aide coaches her on social skills designed to help her thrive outside the classroom. Elk Hill even provides parental coaching.

In fact, the menu of services Elk Hill provides Jenna is so comprehensive that it’s easy to focus on her progress. Now a fourth grader, Jenna’s made major gains in self-esteem; she’s mastering personal hygiene. She’s a strong student and she controls her behavior – and it’s all thanks to you.

Without your support and compassion, who knows where Jenna would be?

If Elk Hill services were not available, would she know how to read? Would she be receiving therapy to help her overcome trauma? Would she even be in her own home?   It’s a chilling scenario.

But because you care, kids like Jenna stand a fighting chance.

Because of your generosity, kids like Jenna have hope for the future.

And because you refuse to give up on a child, kids like Jenna have the courage to keep trying.

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