Nate experiences his first successful summer, thanks to you.April 20, 2017

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Hopeless is the word that Nate’s mom used when asked what summer time would look like for her son.

Nate a 3rd grader, lacked impulse control, and frequently put himself in dangerous situations. At school, he would get angry, disruptive, and would often run out of the school building leaving staff chasing after him.

Nate’s mom, a single working mother, was faced with few options.  She relied on her family to watch Nate after-school and during the summer, though they had little ability to manage his behavior. He was often left in front of the T.V. and given food to keep him calm. Nate’s inactivity led to weight gain and his isolation during the summer only aggravated his behavioral challenges. He lacked the social skills necessary to interact with peers and had no friends. His mother had little hope for change.

But for the first-time, because of caring and generous people like you, Nate was able to attend Elk Hill’s summer camp.  And he loved it!

The structured and therapeutic nature of our summer program combined with skilled counselors worked with Nate helping him experience his first successful summer.  He tried things he never had before like tubing, new foods, and therapeutic horseback riding.  Nate made friends!

Elk Hill’s summer camp is more than just a summer program, its transformative – it creates lasting behavioral and emotional changes.

After camp, Nate was prepared for the school year. He had better impulse control and his disruptive behavior decreased.  Nate says that camp “helped me with my self-control” and “taught me how to calm myself down.”

Today, Nate’s mom would use the word joyful to describe summer. She never thought that was possible. Your support helps make that a reality. Thank you!


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