For the first time, he has structure and supervision - and as a result, Karl has transformed. He's traded his swagger for genuine confidence.

Every week I take time to sit and eat lunch with some of the youth we serve at Elk Hill. Yesterday, I sat with Karl, a young man whose life had been scarred by violence in and out of his home. By age 14 Karl was running with a rough crowd and had stopped attending school altogether. When he arrived at Elk Hill, he was two years behind most of his peers, and a diploma was a distant possibility.


Now, after just six months at Elk Hill, Karl’s life is on a new course. For the first time, he has structure and supervision — and as a result, Karl has transformed. He’s traded his swagger for genuine confidence. He handles conflicts with a quiet courage that astonishes his counselors.


As we sat together, Karl proudly told me that he has obtained his GED and wants to continue creating art as he pursues a career as an HVAC technician. “I’m just proud of pushing myself, and choosing and learning better,” he said. Without the support of caring individuals, Karl’s future would be far different: “Probably looking at a cell,” he said without hesitation. “In lockup.”


Hearing these words made my heart swell with joy and pride. I saw a young man whose future had been changed — and it made me think of you.


For over 46 years, because of generous supporters, Elk Hill has been teaching children to develop a healthy mindset and the skills for lasting change. I’m writing to you because we need your support. Every dollar helps us succeed in our mission of helping children and families transform overwhelming challenges into successful futures.


Last year, Elk Hill served 617 children and families — more than ever before. Children like Karl, who now have a path to a future made possible because of caring individuals. The GED program he participated in is supported by donors. This program is just one small part of the wrap-around services we provide that help youth develop the skills for a successful future. These services aren’t possible without our supporters.


In 2018, we hope to help 700 children. We need your support now more than ever!


Will you please consider making a tax-deductible gift today at Your gift at the end of this year will make a real and lasting difference in the lives of children who have endured so much.


Our donors are the heart and soul of Elk Hill. Thank you for your consideration.


With warm regards,
Michael Farley
Chief Executive Officer
Elk Hill