How can you help?


Small acts of kindness make a BIG difference!


In just the past six months, over 200 volunteers have donated 1,000+ hours of time valued at over $20,000 to benefit Elk Hill’s children and families. 


Here’s some of the magic you helped work:

  • Repainting 4 building exteriors and 9 interior rooms
  • Creating 12 magnet and chalkboard walls
  • Installing raised garden beds and rain barrels
  • Building a walking track and obstacle course
  • Renovating a weight room
  • Demolishing concrete steps with a sledgehammer (!!)
  • Creating backpack kits for every single Elk Hill camper
  • Providing musical instruments, school supplies, and sports equipment
  • Supervising activities at our June Games field day and first-ever All-Camp Fair
  • Providing skilled pro-bono support for marketing, technology, and finance initiatives

Thank you!!





Danee Hudson

Development Manager

[email protected] // 804-457-4866 X336