Your Impact

Have you ever wondered if your support really makes an impact? Learn exactly how and why you make all the difference in the lives of the children we serve.

 Here’s what you made possible last year:

  • Scholarships for 100 children who need care but have no access to funding.
  • Flexibility to reach 75 children early, before mental and behavioral health problems escalate to a crisis.
  • Flexibility to continue serving children once they demonstrate progress, when ongoing support is key to lasting success.
  • Two Reading specialists to provide intensive remediation to 80 students reading 2+ grade levels behind.
  • Workforce training to help 40 kids keep their feet after leaving Elk Hill.
  • Summer camps to prevent backsliding for 120 children who have been making progress socially, emotionally and academically during the school year.
  • Enrichment experiences like field trips, experiential learning, sports programs, and music and arts education.
  • Updated technology and classroom resources for our three school to ensure our youth have the chance to learn 21st skills.

Your Impact

You empower children, unlocking major roadblocks to access, progress, and lasting impact.

Think about it. What good is a school equipped to handle a child’s mental health challenges if she backslides every summer? What good is therapy to defuse a crisis when early intervention could prevent the crisis in the first place? What good is helping a young person graduate if he can’t find a job once he does? Not much.

What philanthropy means to Elk Hill

It’s the secret ingredient that elevates everything else that we do, and without which our efforts would fall flat.

We can’t do it without you. Thank you!

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