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Celebrating 50+ years of Elk Hill, the Life & Legacy of Buford Scott,
and honoring Mrs. Susie Scott and Mr. Michael Farley

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"An investment in our programs at Elk Hill allows each of us to look back on our lives and say...Yes,
I did something that really made a difference."

S. Buford Scott


Without Buford and the Scott Family, Elk Hill would not exist. Beginning as a dream to help boys facing extreme obstacles to become men of character and contributors to society, Elk Hill has provided thousands of youth with a strong foundation on which to build. With solid leaders at the helm including Buford Scott, Michael Farley, and now Ron Spears, Elk Hill continues to provide critical services to children across Virginia.

Buford and Susie

Dear Friends,

Elk Hill has always been home to me. When Buford and I were first married, we lived at Elk Hill for over two months. It was a wonderful time – and I believe that was when Buford began to think that Elk Hill Farm might be the ideal place to realize his lifelong dream of nurturing young men (and later women) in need of encouragement and safety. He thought the freedom of the outdoors and the challenges he met growing up there might benefit those who had never had an opportunity to experience anything like Elk Hill. And he began to think about how others might benefit from living and learning and growing up at Elk Hill.  

Michael  Farley

Michael Farley retired from Elk Hill in June 2020 – in the midst of the COVID pandemic – and unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to provide him a proper sendoff celebrating his incredible impact. He carried on Buford’s passion for serving children facing unimaginable obstacles and was willing to adapt services to the changing needs of children and their families. His tenure at Elk Hill began in 1980, working as a counselor for young men who had been diverted from the juvenile justice system. He intended to stay only for a year, however, he found his calling at Elk Hill. He worked for many years as Director of Programs, becoming Executive Director in 1999 and Chief Executive Officer in 2012.

Michael Farley and Buford Scott

The Scott/Farley Innovation Fund honors Buford Scott and Michael Farley’s dedication to revolutionizing children’s services in Virginia. Their commitment to transform children’s lives serves as an inspiration as we look towards the future. Our goal, to raise $1M, will continue Buford’s and Michael’s commitment to provide exceptional care, essential resources, and critical services to children and families in need. The Scott/Farley Innovation Fund, a restricted endowment, will allow our team to develop specialized strategies and programs and invest in technologies that meet the needs of a rapidly changing landscape for children’s mental health.

Your investment today allows Elk Hill to create a fund that ensures we can continue to help children and families transform overwhelming challenges into successful
futures — even 50 years from now.  

Your Investment in the Scott/Farley Innovation Fund Ensures:

 Our ongoing readiness and flexibility. . Today’s youth face challenges we never could have imagined in 1970. To maximize our impact, Elk Hill must continue to adapt to the changing needs of the communities we serve.  

That every child has a personalized program unique to their special needs. Your support allows us to invest in leading-edge specialized programs, such as equine therapy, to enhance traditional treatments. 

 Our ability to invest in technology and equipment that benefits children with special education needs, such as equipping kinesthetic classrooms with pedal desks, wobble chairs or balance boards.

If you would like to donate appreciated stock, through a donor advised fund, or RMD from your investments, please contact

Lee Ann Ibanez at

Happy Children

Virginia's Children Need You!

Every year, the number of children in need of services grows, and what they need changes too. Even before the pandemic, we were seeing more kids – at even younger ages – suffering from childhood trauma, anxiety, and depression. As a leader in youth mental health services, Elk Hill has focused on programs that blend academic, emotional, and behavioral support.

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