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Your monthly gift ensures year-round care and encouragement at every step along the way.

Walk side by side with our youth and join the Monthly Giving Program starting at $10 a month. Become part of a passionate community of individuals and corporations who are committed to give what they can, month after month, until the day when we can finally say that every youth has access to the mental health services and support they need and deserve. Every child’s journey is unique.


Perks of being a monthly donor include:

 You’ll support hundreds of youth and their families across the Commonwealth of Virginia, transforming overwhelming challenges into successful futures.

You’ll receive monthly

e-newsletters to stay

up-to-date and engaged with the schools and programs you support.

 You’ll join a community of individuals

and corporations contributing to the longevity of Elk Hill.

 Elk Hill will consolidate your monthly gifts into a end of year tax acknowledgment letter, simplifying your process.

Did you Know?


 of Elk Hill’s students come to us reading 2.5 grade levels below average, holding them back in their studies.


 of the youth that Elk Hill serves come from low economic families that may not be able to afford the expense of every day school supplies, creating barriers in the classroom.


of youth in the Commonwealth of Virginia have behavioral or mental health needs, with Medicaid denying up to 50% of cases.

$10/month can provide reading materials to a student that are both educational and fun

$25/month can provide every day school supplies for a year for one student

$50/month can provide one hour of therapy to a youth in need

Give what you want – when you want to give

You set a recurring amount and date based on your budget and schedule.

No fuss payments

Once you sign up, there is no need to write a check every month or enter details. Your gift will be automatically deducted on the date that you have selected.

Cancel or change the amount at any time

We believe in sustainable philanthropy. Cancel or change the amount of your recurring gift at any time!

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