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Challenge Course  

Our eco-adventure challenge course focuses on group problem
solving, team building and character development allowing you to
develop new problem solving skills and stretch your limitations.

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Plan an adventure

everyone remembers!

Featuring 2 kid-friendly zip lines, 7 low elements, and 10 aerial elements.

We employ a continuous belay system, and all aerial adventures are led by our trained guides who are all about making sure you stay safe while having a great time.

Physical fitness is not a prerequisite to your successes in adventure therapy.​

At the course, you are provided with close instruction, oversight, and coaching to overcome your personal challenges. 

Unlock Your Team's Potential and Discover the Power of Our Challenge Course!

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Team Building 

Problem Solving

Trust Building 

Collaborating to navigate obstacles fosters teamwork and strengthens bonds.

Negotiating obstacles requires creative problem-solving, which translates into improved problem-solving abilities.

By relying on each other during challenging tasks, trust among team members is built and strengthened.


Conflict Resolution

Participants learn to manage conflicts constructively, leading to healthier working relationships.

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If you're a non-profit organization, school or corporate group looking to enhance team-building and leadership skills within your group or just seeking an exhilarating challenge we offer tailored solutions to meet your needs. Our course offerings can be adapted to accommodate your group size and specific objectives.

Ready to book your next adventure? Contact us for more info.

Liz Knotts 

Director of Prevention & Outdoor Programs


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Our challenge course waiver is available here.

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