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Couple with Kids

Prevention Services 

At Elk Hill, our prevention team believes resiliency is built through a deep connection with our children and parents, particularly through our dedicated mentoring, parent coaching, family time coaching and nature programs. These initiatives play a pivotal role in fostering healthier communities and breaking unhealthy patterns for families. Our programs connect families with experienced, supportive staff who provide guidance, a positive influence and utilize trauma informed services to transform overwhelming challenges into successful futures.


            Family Time 

           Our Family Time, or supervised visitations, offers a safe and structured environment that supports parents and care givers in developing their strengths with their children. We provide outdoor play areas with gardens, as well as indoor recreation space as options that help parents and caregivers to facilitate positive interactions with their children.


             Family Time Coaching 

            Visit Coaching provides a directive approach to Family Time. Visit Coaching enhances parenting skills and family management through education, practice, and support. The visit coach will provide pre-visit coaching, coaching during the visit, and post-visit debriefing and feedback.


            Parent Coaching 

            Parent Coaching promotes the development of healthy, effective parenting skills, and family management through education, role-modeling, practice, and support. These sessions occur with parents and caregivers to address specified goals of the family.

             Mentoring (ages 5-18)

       Mentoring fosters a safe space for self-expression, allowing children to navigate challenges with the assurance that they are not alone. Our mentors are dedicated to helping children achieve their potential and learn the skills they need to be successful in life.

            Outdoor Program (ages 8-17)

            Nature-based activities not only provide a refreshing break from the demands of daily life but also offer a holistic approach to addressing various mental health challenges. Outdoor activities often involve teamwork, problem-solving, adventure, and mindfulness practice, promoting the development of crucial social and emotional skills. Children learn to navigate challenges, build resilience, and gain a deeper connection with themselves and others.

Our Services

Elk Hill prevention team and client
Elk Hill outdoors hiking
Elk Hill youth on river
Elk Hill prevention services

"I have never found anyone who could get James to open up, be receptive, and encourage him to interact in a better manner. I think my son finally felt heard, understood, valued, and a part of for once in his life."

- Elk Hill client 

Elk Hill in nature
Elk Hill youth playing

Frequently Asked Questions 

Family Time 

Where can the visits happen?

  • Elk Hill visitation room

  • Discovery Museum (Charlottesville Downtown Mall)

  • Local Parks

  • Restaurants

  • Local events & attractions, etc. (Trampoline Park, Bounce & Play)

  • Within the home (*as unification approaches*)


What type of visits do you offer?

   Therapeutically Supervised “Family Time”

  *Transportation can be provided for additional fee*

What kind of activities will the mentor do with child?

  • Build resiliency skills

  • Provide safe supervision and engagement

  • Life skill development

  • Social skill development

  • Community outings to parks and local trails

  • Attend sporting events

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Visit our careers page here or give Liz a call at 434-987-7882.


Parent Coaching 

Who can benefit from coaching sessions?

  • Parents

  • Co-Parents

  • Foster Parents

  • Extended and kinship caregivers


What are the methods of parent coaching?

  • In-Person Sessions (One on one or during visits)

  • Virtual Sessions

  • Text Messages

  • Phone calls


What type of training and topics are covered?

  • Trauma

  • Behavior Management

  • Time Management

  • Age-Appropriate Expectations

  • Organizational skills

  • Building social capital and natural supports

Forest Trees
"Ryan had a wonderful time at summer camp. Scott was an excellent counselor for Ryan. Scott was able to make a connection with Ryan that was and is very good for Ryan. Scott helped Ryan to open up and to explore nature. I highly recommend this outdoor camp!" 

Elk Hill adventurer's parent 

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Director of Prevention & Outdoor Programs


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