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FY22 Annual Report

130,000 youth struggle with mental and behavioral health issues every year.  

We work with families, youth and the community to ensure solutions designed that meet their unique needs. We have a broad continuum of care: Residential Homes, Private School, Community Based Services. Allowing us the flexibility to meet the child’s need every step of the way. 


Elk Hill schools look a lot like schools anywhere. It's what goes on inside that makes them special.

Community Services

Our community-based services take Elk Hill on the road. We partner with local schools and families to reach children early and create a lasting support network.

Residential Services 

Elk Hill's roots are in residential services. We've been providing teens with safe, supportive spaces to live, heal, and grow for over four decades.

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Elk Hill CEO Appointed to
State Executive Council 

Governor Ralph Northam appointed Ronald K. Spears, Chief Executive Officer of Elk Hill, to the State Executive Council of Children’s Services.


Mr. Spears was first appointed to the Executive Council

in April 2021 to fill an open vacancy. Last week, Governor Northam reappointed him to the position for three additional years. Mr. Spears’ 40-year career has been dedicated to improving the lives of children across the Commonwealth of Virginia. He has been with Elk Hill for 38 years, beginning his tenure as Chief Executive Officer

in July 2020.  

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