Elk Hill

Helping children and their families make positive changes.

  • Courage

    We help young people face overwhelming challenges, from early trauma to fractured families to serious mental and behavioral health needs. That journey takes grit. Resilience. And above all, courage.

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  • Education

    Our schools combine small classes with personalized academic and behavioral tools to challenge and support the whole student. With a new elementary program and a record-breaking graduation, it’s an exciting time for education at Elk Hill.

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  • Respect

    Bringing therapy and mentoring right into children’s homes and classrooms helps nurture healthy relationships with peers and caring adults. Through real-time support and modeling, kids learn positive coping skills and respect for themselves and others.

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  • Responsibility

    We want young men and women to leave our residential programs equipped for long-term success. From planning meals to developing personal accountability, we teach the skill sets young people need to step confidently towards independent adulthood.

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  • Hard Work

    Our workforce development program offers a head start on the job market with real-world experience and credentials. Whether their passion is audio production or culinary arts, career training and a job placement specialist help kids find their niche.

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    Hard Work