Elk Hill stands out from the pack for the long-term commitment of our senior staff – not just to our organization, but to service and leadership in the communities we call home. 

Meet Our Executive Team

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Ronald Spears

Chief Executive Officer 

Ron Spears has been with Elk Hill since 1984. He has served as a Team Leader, Admissions and Aftercare Coordinator, Director of Community Services, Director of Programs, and Chief Operations Officer. Read more

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Dr. Laura Easter 

Chief Operating Officer 

Laura Easter joined Elk Hill in 2007 as the first program director for our Spring Garden group home for girls, and was then promoted to develop and lead the newly created community services program. Read more

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Daniel Fitzsimmons 

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Fitzsimmons joined the Elk Hill team in 2019. Prior to that, Mr. Fitzsimmons served as a divisional CFO for Alere, a multi-billion dollar Boston-based health care and manufacturing holding company. Read more

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Kathleen Lefcourt

Chief Philanthropy Officer 

Kathleen Lefcourt joined Elk Hill in April 2021 and brings with her a wealth of experience in nonprofit philanthropy, marketing, and leadership. Read more

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Alex Sullivan 

Community Liaison

Alex Sullivan has been with Elk Hill since 1980 and knows our programs inside and out. He is actively involved in marketing our services and building strong community outreach and customer service relationships. Read more

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Diana Hudgins

Chief Human Resources Officer

Diana Hudgins joined the Elk Hill team in December of 2021. She has extensive experience with Human Resources coupled with a passion for mentoring and developing team members to ensure they achieve professional success. Read more

Board of Trustees

Mr. William J.G. Barnes

Board Chair

Mr. Nelson Teague, Jr. 
Board Vice Chair


Mr. Gerald Hagen


Ms. Stephanie T. Jefferson


Mr. Charles E. Bradshaw, III
Immediate Past Board Chair



Ms. Elizabeth S. Cech

Mr. William T. Clarke

Mr. David P. Corrigan

Dr. Alexandra Dahlgren

Ms. Pamela G. Harris

Mr. William H. Harris, III

Dr. Joseph A. James

Ms. Maxine L. Jones

Mr. John G. Jordan, III

Mr. Michael E. Klein

Ms. Sarah Lane

The Rev. Dr. John E. Miller

Mr. M. Bagley Reid

Mr. Philip Saul

Ms. E. Teller Stalfort

Mr. C. Hunter Stokes

Mr. Henry L. Valentine, III

Mr. W. Charles Waddell, III

Ms. Elisha Contner Wilkins

Mr. R. L. Terrell Williams

Mr. Jeffrey L. Wilt

Mr. Carl Woodson


Mr. Eugene G. Bowles, Jr.

Mr. Charles G. Cary

Mrs. Isabel S. Correll

Dr. Howard W. Ellis

Mr. Michael E. Harman

Mr. Wallace Stettinius

Mrs. J. Randall Street