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Teacher Assisting a Student

250,000 youth in Virginia struggle with mental health issues. Despite high rates of mental illness in children, 4 out of 5 children ages 6 to 17 who have mental health problems do not receive any help.  For many of our communities, especially in the rural areas there is little to no access to mental health services. Poor mental health can impact a child’s success during school years, impair mental development, and imprint patterns of behavior that limit future success, happiness, and community contribution. 


When  youth gets access to high quality mental and behavioral health services, it can change just about anything.  It can improve family relationships, and help kids spend more time in school. Reducing the risks of school failure, poor employment opportunities and breaking the cycle of adult poverty.   


The mental health crisis is huge,

but its solvable by:





Relentlessly evolving to meet the needs of children, families

and communities


with others

We have developed a unique continuum of programs that are

child-centered and create lasting, positive outcomes 

for  young men and women.  We invite you to learn about

the stories of the children and families overcoming severe mental

and behavioral health. Find out here

Join us and make an impact!

For $50, you can provide access to high quality mental health services to a youth. Join our monthly giving community  and give the gift of improved

mental health all year round. 

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