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Embracing Nature as a Healer - Kicking Off Our Summer Adventures!

We have begun another exciting summer, where we embrace nature's healing power. Our youth have embarked on a thrilling exploration of the trails and waterways close to home in Charlottesville City. This adventure took us to three remarkable spots: Ivy Creek Natural Area, Meadow Creek Gardens, and The Rivanna Trail.


Tubing on the James River

Our summer adventures continued with a thrilling day of tubing on the James River. The kids had an absolute blast as they floated down the river, soaking in the sun and enjoying the refreshing water. This outdoor escapade was exactly what they needed to unwind and connect with nature.

As we continue our summer program, we look forward to more days like this—filled with outdoor activities that inspire, heal, and bring joy. The James River tubing trip was a highlight, and we can't wait to create more unforgettable memories with our youth.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to explore and embrace the wonders of nature!

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