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From Adversity to Achievement: Entrepreneur and Mentor Kelvin 'Kev' King Inspires Campus Youth

Updated: Mar 12

Renowned entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Kelvin "Kev" King recently graced our campus, sharing an inspiring message with our students. Born in Jamaica, Queens, New York, and with strong ties to Virginia, Mr. King owns an impressive portfolio of over 200 properties, hotels, and businesses. His passion lies in motivating young minds, particularly young men, to rise above their past and strive for a brighter future. Despite facing challenges in his own childhood, Mr. King successfully leveraged his gifts and strengths, transforming negative choices into opportunities. He now serves as a positive role model in his community, attributing his journey to God and the impactful mentors, including Pastor Calvin Grey, who played a pivotal role in his transformation. (Pictured left: Kelvin King, center: Ron Spears, right: Pastor Calvin Grey)

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